HP LaserJet 4350 Printer series - Features

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You can use the HP Embedded Web Server to view product and network status and to manage
printing functions from your computer, rather than at the product control panel. With the
HP Embedded Web Server, you can perform these tasks:

View control-panel messages and product-status information.

Determine the remaining life for all supplies and configure specific ordering information for

Gain access to the product's technical support page.

Gain access to specific support for recent product events.

Add or customize links to other Web sites.

View and change product configuration, such as tray configurations.

View and change network configuration.

View and print information pages, such as the Configuration page.

Receive alerts about product events, such as when the product is low on supplies, through

Select the language in which to display the HP Embedded Web Server screens.

Print to an HP product without having to install the product printer driver.

Conserve energy by scheduling the product sleep delay so that the product will go into sleep
mode after a period of time of not being used.

Schedule wakeup times for each day so that the product has finished initializing and
calibrating by the time it is to be used.

Send product configuration and supplies usage information periodically to your service