HP LaserJet 4350 Printer series - What is an embedded Web server?

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What is an embedded Web server?

A Web server provides an environment in which Web programs can run, in much the same way
that an operating system, such as Microsoft® Windows®, provides an environment in which
programs can run on your computer. A Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple
Safari, or Mozilla, can show output from a Web server.

An embedded Web server (EWS) resides on a hardware product (such as a printer) or in the
firmware, rather than as software that is loaded on a network server.

The advantage of an embedded Web server is that it provides an interface to the product that
anyone who has a network-connected computer and a standard Web browser can open and
use. No special software needs to be installed or configured.

With the HP Embedded Web Server, you can view product status information, change settings,
and manage the product at your computer.


In this guide, the terms “product” and “device” are used interchangeably. When products or
devices are discussed in this guide, the information pertains to HP LaserJet printers, unless
otherwise noted. For specific information about the features that your printer supports, see the
documentation that came with your product.

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