HP LaserJet 4350 Printer series - Overview

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Use the Networking screens to configure and manage your product on your network. The
appearance and features of the Networking screens differ depending on the model and version
of your HP Jetdirect print server. The following screen is similar to what you might see when you
click Networking. From the left navigational bar, click the Networking menu for the screen that
you want to view.





See the table on the

following page for
descriptions of the callouts
in this illustration.

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40 Managing network operation from the Networking screens


Depending on your HP Jetdirect print server model and operating version, the following are
some tasks that you can perform from the Networking screens:

Change network configuration settings for various types of network connections.

Turn on or turn off printing protocols.

Set up a support contact and support URLs.

Set a password to control access to the printer and network configuration settings.

Configure the security of your product through the use of passwords, access lists, and
management protocols.

View general network status information, including network statistics that are stored on the
print server, for network troubleshooting or optimization.

View protocol information for all supported network connections.

Open the HP Jetdirect Configuration page.

Set the frequency at which the HP Embedded Web Server checks the network status.

For more information about the Networking screens, see the following sources:

Help. On each Networking screen, a Help link under Other Links provides a description of
the networking features and helpful tips for using them. Also, from the Help screen you can
gain access to additional help from the HP Web site.

HP Jetdirect Print Server Administrator's Guide. This guide is normally available on the
software CD that came with your product. To download the most recent version of the guide
for your print server model, go to:



Callout Area on screen

Information or capability that the area provides

EWS tabs and menus

For more information, see

“Navigating through the HP Embedded

Web Server” on page 5


Select Language

Select the language for the Networking tab. The list of
languages that are available in the Networking tab is not
identical to the list of languages that are available in the Settings


Click Help for more information about the options on the
Networking tab.




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