HP LaserJet 4350 Printer series - Alerts

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From the Alerts screen, IT administrators can set up the product to send problem and status
alerts to anyone through e-mail messages. When this function is configured, alerts are
automatically triggered about supplies and paper-path status, as well as for service and advisory
information. More than one individual can receive alerts, with each person receiving only specific
alerts. For example, an administrative assistant might be responsible for ordering toner or fixing
jams, and could receive advanced warning when toner is low or a jam occurs. Similarly, the long-
life supplies might be handled by an external service provider, who could receive alerts about
performing product maintenance, loading the front or rear stapler, and similar needs.

With a permanent storage device installed, such as a hard disk, you can create up to four
different destination lists, with up to 20 recipients on each list. (Without the permanent storage
device, you can send alerts to only four e-mail addresses.) The following example is for a
product that has a permanent storage device installed. If a permanent storage device is installed,
you can edit, test, and delete destinations and destination lists.

The following illustration, table, and procedures describe how to use this screen.


In order for alerts to function, outgoing e-mail must be enabled. To enable outgoing mail, see

“Configuring outgoing e-mail” on page 22












See the table on the

ollowing page for

descriptions of the callouts

n this illustration.

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24 Configuring the product from the Settings screens